Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of community care is to enable people who need help looking after themselves to live in their own home.

What help can I get with Community Care?

To live in your own home, you might need personal assistance (such as help with washing and dressing), help with daily living (such as shopping and preparing food), and other social care needs.

These needs may be met by a number of different services such as home care, day care, health services, community meals (meals on wheels), Occupational therapy.

What if I go into hospital – how can I get the services I need when I leave?

If you are going into hospital you may need help when you leave to continue to live in your home. If requested, a member of B&S Healthcare Ltd will look into what help you need and decide with you what services can be provided.

You can either contact B&S Healthcare Ltd before you go into hospital, the telephone numbers are shown on Page 2, Part Three, or you can ask to see a social worker during your stay in hospital. The Nurse looking after you will arrange this if you ask.

If you were receiving help before you went into hospital, the Nurse looking after you will arrange for this to be started again for your return home. If you were not receiving help or need more help than before, the Nurse will contact the Social Work Department at the hospital to arrange for an assessment.

How can I pay for care?

If you are receiving care from B&S Healthcare Ltd which has been organised with Social Services B&S Health, then they will talk to you about how you pay them. You NEVER pay our care staff. If you are responsible for organising your own care with us directly, you will receive an invoice each week and be requested to pay this within 7 days by cheque. If you have concerns about this method of payment then we can make alternative arrangements to suit you and us together.

How is Community Care arranged?

Community care is arranged through a process which involves five stages:

  • You, or someone on your behalf, asks for help;
  • Together with you, we assess your needs;
  • We arrange for help to be provided;
  • We check with you that the help provided continues to meet your needs

How do I ask for help?

If you need help please telephone or write to B&S Healthcare Ltd or ask someone to do so for you. Contact numbers are shown on page 2 Part Three. Staff will be happy to advise and assist you.

Other people involved in your care for example Health Services staff, your G.P., Housing Department, or voluntary/community group may, with your knowledge, contact B&S Healthcare Ltd on your behalf. They may suggest that you do so directly, if they feel this is appropriate.

How do you check that the services offered continue to meet my needs?

Together with you, and your carer, we will review your needs and the services provided to you, to make sure they remain appropriate. As a result of a review, services provided may be changed.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

If you are not happy with the services provided, or you have any other concerns, please discuss them with the staff working with you. If you remain dissatisfied, please telephone 0117 9533455/6 and speak to the Care Manager. You can make a complaint directly to the Director if you so wish.

For more information about any of our services, please complete the simple form below to be taken to our contact page.

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